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5 Best Brands Of Excavator

When it comes to choosing the right track-mounted excavator brands for your project, regardless of its size, the reputation and quality of the brand you are hiring or purchasing must always be considered.

In Australia, there are a plethora of excavator brands to choose from. Whether you’re working on civil, construction, infrastructure, or local government projects, you’ll need a machine that’s up to the task, as well as safe, comfortable, and dependable. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of Australia’s top 5 excavator brands, ranked by highest retained value and lowest operating costs.

Best Brand Excavator in Melbourne

Australia's Top 5 Excavator Brands


The company Kobelco was founded in Japan in 1930. The company has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the world’s most successful manufacturers. Kobelco focuses on refining every component of its machines to enable regular, continuous productivity gains, focusing on consistency and quality throughout the world. The company specializes in excavators ranging in size from small to large, with many high-tech features to keep you safe while working.

They are hydraulic excavator pioneers. They constantly upgrade their machines and technology to ensure high-quality products, low fuel consumption, low noise and dust systems, and high performance and durability.


You’re familiar with the brand, and chances are you’ve used or interacted with a Caterpillar excavator at some point. They are the most well-known excavator brand in the world and for a good reason. There are arguably no other excavator brands than Caterpillar when it comes to ease of operation, durability, the latest safety features, and some of the most excellent makers’ new tech features like smartphone connectivity and cab air conditioning. 

They are the makers of the world’s largest excavator, and they are industry pioneers and synonymous with heavy lifting. Caterpillar has become one of Australia’s most popular heavy equipment brands, producing everything from construction machinery to farming equipment, marine, forestry, and mining machinery.

Australia's Top 5 Excavator Brands


CASE Construction is in third place, having served the construction industry since its founding in 1842. They have excellent build quality, a commitment to operator comfort, and a strong brand presence. Their wide range of excavator sizes ensures that they have a machine for any job, and perhaps more importantly, their after-sales service is excellent.

Case excavators are known for their strength, durability, and versatility. If you need the best power and productivity from your excavators, look to this brand. Their track-mounted excavators come in various powerful models, built and ready for all of your earthmoving needs.

Australia's Top 5 Excavator Brands


After Caterpillar, the Japanese multinational Komatsu is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. The company is well-known for its excavator line, including everything from small mini excavators to large mining excavators.


The PC200-8 is central to the Japanese company’s market identity. The PC200 exemplifies the craftsmanship of these machines, promising little maintenance and upkeep. It’s worth noting that Komatsu is at the forefront of construction innovation, with SmartConstruction, Komtrax, and Intelligent Machine Control technologies available on all Komatsu machines.

Australia's Top 5 Excavator Brands

Volvo CE

Volvo Construction Equipment, a subsidiary of Volvo Cars, develops, manufactures, and sells construction-related equipment such as trucks, mining equipment, and construction machinery. Volvo CE has a global presence with products and services in more than 140 countries.

Its excavators are equipped with advanced hydraulics that respond quickly. The fit systems are adaptable, allowing for “quick bucket and tool changes.” Their crawler excavator is known for its durability, strength, power, and unmatched fuel efficiency, with complete business solutions and lifetime support for your machine. This brand believes in sustainability, innovation, empowering its people, and adding more value to your business.

Australia's Top 5 Excavator Brands


Excavators have dramatically increased productivity in the construction industry, allowing more work to be completed in less time. It has increased the power capacities of construction equipment, allowing compact machines to move material and perform other tasks in extremely tight spaces. Regardless of which excavator brand you choose, you can rest assured that these machines will be of high-quality, long-lasting, and efficient.

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